We are a leading manufacturer of treated powder in Thailand. ATHENA CORP. has been designing and distributing high technological and high quality powders since 2015. hrough a cooperation with full experienced Korean powder manufacturer as a partner,
High Technologies were transferred in all of Athena products. Not only normal powder categories 
but also for unique products also created by our team.


Sol-Gel & Silicon Science


Surface modification of powders with silicones (Alkyl Silane, 
Dimethicone, Methicone etc.,) Silicone Elastomer Powder Silicone
Elastomer Blend(Gel) Synthesis PMSQ powder Synthesis

Organic & norganic


Silica Powder Synthesis PMMA Powder Synthesis Polyurethane Powder Synthesis

Hybrid Technology

Organic-Inorganic hybrid powder silicone Elastomer@ pigment
hybrid powder (Under Optimization)

Emulsion & Encapsulation


Organic UV Filter encapsulated powder & its hybrid powder
(Under Optimization)

Some Fomulation


Air Cusion Water Balm Consealer, etc

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